Odorite™ Ultra Auto Dishwashing Liquid (5L makes 25L)


Odorite™ Ultra Auto Dishwashing Liquid is a fully formulated low foam concentrate that is arguably the most technologically advanced in
Africa, designed for both household and commercial/industrial use. Automatic dishwashers are common place in many homes today, as is in
commercial environments.
Enzymes in dishwashing detergents significantly reduce the need to pre-clean/rinse dishes. Odorite™ Ultra Auto Dishwashing Liquid
features revolutionary technology that penetrates the toughest greasy, burnt-on food soils on dishes, pots, and pans
The product is fully formulated with a proprietary enzyme stabilizer pack to ensure maximum stability in storage, anti-corrosion
surfactants and an eco-friendly biocide.
During the washing phase – The grease or burnt-on food mess literally slides off, leaving you with like-new clean pots, pans, dishes and
plates. The formulation is designed to allow for anti-deposition of any soils. Rinse-aid is not required if desired
Odorite™ Ultra Auto Dishwashing Liquid has the power you need to fight tough grease and get the squeaky-clean dishes you’re looking for.

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Technically the most advanced multi-enzyme, dishwashing detergent for auto dishwashing machines in Africa.

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