Decontamination & Deep Clean Service

LAVENDER CLEANING offering superior cleaning and sanitising solutions.

The health and safety of our customers and staff is our top priority. We only make use of the best Organic cleaning products in South Africa. Kind to our health, food, water, environment and all surfaces. All products are certified, accredited with MSDS available. Our products breakthrough the BIOFILM to demolish dirt and eradicate infectious diseases and destroy harm bacteria.


SPECIALSIST in Hygiene service

We specialize in deep cleaning and disinfecting of showers, toilets, urinals, ablutions, pipes, grout, tiles and change rooms. Our professional team and products will leave your ablutions odour free and sparkling clean. It is recommended to Deep clean all public areas at least once per month to reduce the health risks caused by the built-up of dirt. 

Roof, Gutter and Paving Cleaning
We offer complete cleaning of roofs, gutters, downpipes and paving at your home and office with the use of high-pressure sprayers. To remove stains, grime, rotten leaves and dirt.

 Pre & Post Occupation Cleaning
Pre- and Post-occupation cleaning is perfect for Building contractors, Estate agents and Homeowners. We thoroughly clean every area of the building/offices/flat/homes.

Clutter cleaning / Hoarding clearing / Junk removal
Organize and sort garages, storerooms, houses.
We can help you to reorganize your space and remove unwanted items, junk, broken items.

Decontamination, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Service

Effective sanitising of your home or business, application methods and Sanitizers for all industries and sectors.

Residential Homes and Flats, Offices & boardrooms, Professionals, Individual work space, restrooms, changing rooms, kitchens & food production facilities, laboratories, hotel & Conference centers, Public transport & hubs, retail outlets.

Hygiene & sanitation risk assessments along with detailed proposal to minimize potential spread of infectious disease, interference in operations and cost. 

Setup and implementation of Sanitation services on weekly, monthly or on a as needed basis.

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