Odorite Rimblock (2 in Pack)


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A premium product that eliminates organics found in toilet bowls and drain lines.  The ultimate odour eliminator and cleaning agent for toilets. Eliminating stale odours and cleaning, 100% naturally.

Odorite™ Rim Block is an aesthetically pleasing, well-designed product that will provide exceptional performance in keeping toilets odourless and trouble free – a must for the hygiene eco conscious person, hygiene cleaning contractor and green building owner. The product contains no harmful chemicals.

Odorite™ Rim Block degradades and eliminates organics found in the toilet and drain lines. Regular use of Odorite™ Rim Block maintains a cleaner and odour-free system, and it maintains effective microbe and enzyme activity in septic systems by eliminating odours caused by incomplete digestion of malodorous volatile fatty acids.

The probiotics that are released during flushing will penetrate cracks, crevices and surface pores where organics accumulate, actually removing the organics to leave a visually cleaner surface. Odorite™ Rim Block provides long-term odour control, removing the organics that cause odours and prevents the return of odour-causing compounds

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