Biotech Hand Soap & Sanitizer (50ml) Recommended for toddlers.



Biotech hand Soap & sanitizer is a great product to use against any harmful bacteria including Covid-19.

Biotech hand soap & sanitizer eradicates 99.99% of all bacteria including Covid-19.

This product is safe to use on all ages, we recommend it for children as it forms a protective layer around washed

or sprayed area for up to 3 hours. This leaves you and your family protected for a longer period of time.

EXTREMLY USER FRIENDLY FOR TODDLERS , WHY? Biotech hand & Soap sanitizer has its own built in clock.

When Product is applied it is green, only when you start rubbing and scrubbing the green foam starts turning white when foam

is turned completely white it is time to rinse off. This takes up to 25 seconds, it is a great way for toddlers to wash their hands properly.

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