Clere protective face mask (FFP2)



Clere FFP2 Protective face mask (contains 20 masks per box)

  • Helps to protect against germs and droplets.
  • Filters out dust and pollution.
  • Adjustable nose clip.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Light weight and easy to wear.
  • Single use.

5 layer mask

Outer layer 1 – High tear-resistance strength

Middle layer 2 – Barrier against germs

Middle layer 3 – Filter- This layer has the ability to attract and trap dust/ foreign particles including protection against “droplets” created during coughing

or sneezing. It has find “pores” enabling breathability and personal protection.

Middle layer 4 – Non-woven – Barrier against germs.

Inner layer 5 – Non-woven – High tear resistance strength.

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Weight 0.50 kg


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